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    Lead our computer vision and machine learning team towards innovations in the "See" component of our "See & Spray" weed control platform. Develop real-time systems to classify types and characteristics of all plants in a field.

    Implement deep-learning-based classification systems for identifying, characterizing, and classifying plants in real-time for our cutting edge See & Spray platform.


    Enhance existing real-time robotics systems, and define new applications for our revolutionary technology in lettuce and other crops. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related area, and 3+ years in software development and systems integration. Senior candidates also encouraged to apply.

    Lead the design and testing of the electrical system for Blue River's See & Spray machines. M.S. degree and 5-7 years experience in design of PCBAs preferred.

    Help achieve the fullest potential of robotic thinning technology by operating and calibrating the equipment daily. Knowledge of technology and Yuma, AZ or Salinas, CA agriculture a must, as well as experience operating ag machinery. 

    Develop the graphical user interface that allows farmers and agronomists to unlock the value of data collected by our drone phenotyping system. Experience with C++ and writing GUI applications in Windows required.

    Help develop, support, and maintain our next generation See & Spray machines and play a key role in enabling further product development.

    Develop the market and technology adoption for our See & Spray machines, launch cotton weeding machines into the US market, and sell (and support) hundreds of units to US cotton farmers over the next several years

    We are looking for a highly skilled and energetic person to play a key role in manufacturing and leading production of our robotic and vision-based systems for agriculture. Join a world-class research and engineering team and provide critical skills in transitioning our system from prototype to production.

  • We are excited about transforming global agriculture through cutting-edge technology and are looking for ambitious and innovative people to join us in our journey.


    If you are excited about helping our planet, solving hard problems, and building a fast-growing company, contact us!

  • Blue River Technology serves the agricultural industry with revolutionary computer-vision based robotics designed to unlock greater crop yield potential. We are building a future where farmers use our smart machines to individually understand and manage each plant in their fields. Our technology dramatically reduces the amount of chemicals used in agriculture, drives significant labor efficiencies, and captures valuable plant-by-plant data.

    Our team of almost 50 people comes from diverse backgrounds in robotics, computer vision, agriculture, and business. We have designed and commercially deployed smart machines that provide per-acre lettuce-thinning services in Salinas, CA and Yuma, AZ, and are currently working to expand these operations to weeding in a wider range of crops and geographies.

    We are well funded by prestigious venture capital firms, including Khosla Ventures, Pontifax AgTech, and Data Collective, as well as the established agricultural companies Syngenta and Monsanto.

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    We offer competitive compensation, plus all the usual benefits - health, 401K, company-paid life and disability insurance. We believe in a work life balance and offer generous Paid Time Off and Sick Leave. For our Sunnyvale office, we also offer other great perks such as Caltrain passes and mobile Wi-Fi to make commuting easier and more environmentally friendly. Subsidized lunches, flexible work hours, and a collaborative and supportive environment also contribute to making Blue River a great place to work. Part-time office space is also available in San Francisco.

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